Friday, June 3, 2011


I love making something white colorful. I think Goldie has caught the same bug because she dyed more than anyone else. These are her "matching" socks.
For her we found two or three "almost" too small shirts and let her have fun with it.
Today she is wearing her tye dye to school for the second time this week (and its only a four day week.) On Wednesday when she originally wore it her class when on a field trip to a gem mine and this was one of her finds. We attempted to put it on a necklace, but we are not proficient jewelers and it keeps falling off the wire. Does anyone have any suggestions?
 This shirt says JMR. Two or three years ago we got it to try out fabric markers for the first time. Since then it has become gray and dingy so we decided to give it new life. I love the color Josiah added to it.
Stuart's has also been worn twice this week. It's amazing how much color they can add it an it always turns out uniquely theirs.

I wanted to try Batik this time but decided against it. I'm saving it for another day this summer with a more controlled environment.

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charith said...

Awe.some! I love how unique every shirt is.