Friday, May 13, 2011

Reading at School

Back when I was a kid in school my mom used to help me make suckers on my birthday and I'd give one to each of my classmates. That's not allowed in my school district anymore. When my daughter had her birthday she wanted to give two or three leftover wands from her party to some of the girls in her class and I couldn't let her just give them to a favored few.

So I made more...and more. It was fun really. In two or three evenings while my husband read a story to me I cut out and did all the hand sewing. I just chose buttons from my button jar and some of them really set off the magic wands.

Today when I went to school I read Abyoyo by Pete Seeger and King Bidgoods in the Bathtub by Audrey Wood. I also told a magical story about my brother and his wife. So with kings, magic, and giants on tap for the kindergarten listening pleasure a magic wand was just the thing to finish off the afternoon.

I think it was a big hit. (always nice to score with the little ones!)


Chelsea Monet said...

I love it! That is way better than a sucker. And lasts longer, too.

Melissa said...

Way cute!

charith said...

You mass produce like nobody's business. Impressive, as always!

nephi and katherine said...

Wow Rishi...lots of time! good Job! shell remember that forever! Cant wait to see ya in 1 month! Dresses are beautiful too!