Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Piracy Continues

Eli asked for a pirate eye-patch. So I got out the needle & thread. Look, Ma! No sewing machine. I kind of detest hand-sewing, so I surprised myself by doing this little project sans la Bernina.

Felt, elastic, and embroidery floss were the only materials I used. It took about ten minutes to make each eye patch. And I'm guessing it will take approximately five and a half days before both pirate patches become lost forever in the mess we call a toy box.
But in the mean time... they're giving me they're best Aaargh. And they're watching The Backyardigans "Pirate Treasure" episode more than is probably good for them. (Thank you Netflix.)
And a close-up of the pink patch on the Pirate Princess. I wasn't so sure that pink was pirate-y enough, but she insisted and at last I relented. She was right on. It works. I guess some pirates charm your jewels away rather than out-right robbing. These are the most dangerous. These are the ones wearing pink.
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Rishi said...

I love the patches. They are pretty ingenious. Its funny that you said you hate hand sewing. I'm finding I love it more and more.