Wednesday, April 27, 2011

just made

just made: a critter on behalf of "the tooth fairy." It was a good trade.
I tried to make a dog, but this crazy critter is what came out. It's what happens at 5:45am when I remember at the last possible minute that my daughter put her tooth on her pillow the night before in hopes of a "surprise." She said she was putting the tooth on top of the pillow next to her head so it would be easy for the tooth fairy to find.

She found the puppy/octopus/creature/thing easily enough. And she also found the scraps of yarn I left in plain sight (oops!) at the bottom of a garbage can. (For once the garbage can was almost empty.) So the mystery was gone as soon as it arrived. The tooth fairy is a myth indeed. Good. I'm glad. I'm not a fan of the tooth fairy. Why should s/he get all the glory after all? Take that, Tooth Fairy & Easter Bunny & Santa while I'm at it.
And, on another note... I've got something new in the works. Ruffles for a couple of little girls.
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Chelsea Monet said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the ruffles...

And I LOVE the aprons you posted on your last post. So lovely. I'd wear one to church.