Monday, April 4, 2011

The Emmeline Apron

The Emmeline Apron.

It's a beautiful design. I think it's just about prettier than any dress I own. It's reversible so you get two aprons in one. It's a project I began over 18 months ago (I think). I had intended on making these aprons for my sister-in-law and her two girls (my neices) for Christmas 2009. Oops! Well, all three are finally finished and delivered to their rightful owners.

And a special thanks to Tiffani over at The Breadman's Wife for being my model!

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Camie at "Home is where they love you" said...

I love the high waist...very vintage/modernish!

Rishi said...

They are beautiful!!! I love them.

Brook said...

I love love love this apron! Where can I buy it? Do you have an etsy shop?