Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome to Spring!

Welcome Spring!
Thanks to our sister-in-law we recently received with much joy and excitement this "new to us" swing set. We put our green and red swing on it and have had lots of fun since we set it up. Yesterday during one of those moments with the new baby strapped to me we had to do a photo shoot of Goldie's new spring line.
 Can three pieces of clothing be called a spring line? Probably not since we aren't going into business quite yet. I used McCalls 6062 to create this shirt and pants. I changed up the bottom of the pants to make life easier on all of us. There were supposed to be ruffles on the bottom but I just sewed the contrasting fabric right onto the purple.
Next up is the pink pants I promised her awhile back. Despite the spring like weather around here I've wanted to sew, so in my available moments (currently right after lunch while the boys take a time out with a movie) I've been getting to old projects.
We used the same pattern, again just to make it easier on ourselves and I actually really like how these turned out because I didn't think old bed sheet fabric would work to well, but it was worth the cost (free) to find out and I really love it! She's been thrilled to wear new clothing to school and so all of us are happy!

Happy Spring to you!

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charith said...

Happy Spring!! Thanks for the call. :)