Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Patch Job

I have declared March to be the month for mending. I have sewn a lot of stuff not worth photographing or blogging about. I sewed buttons onto shirts, adjusted the waistline of some jeans for my daughter (Miss no-waist can't hardly get a pair of pants to stay on), hemmed a pair of pants for my husband (they've only been in the mend pile for over a year), and I fixed this little coat that I love. Here it is in pristine condition:

I found it at Old Navy a couple of years ago and I had to have it. But a few years of two-boys'-worth of wear-and-tear on it left it a little raggedy. It's on its last season with our family because our youngest has nearly grown out of it, so I know it's kind of ridiculous to even take the time to mend it. But when you love a coat enough, you do ridiculous things.

So this is the "before" shot. Reid had picked out as much of the stuffing as he could reach with his little fingers. I'm still finding bits of fluff all over in the back seat of the car. I re-stuffed it and then frankensteinly stitched it together before hand stitching my home-made patch over the hole.
I bought this embroidery design for a pine tree from Embroidery Online. I stitched this dumb thing four times before I got it to work right. Sometimes I wonder why I even plug in my machine... But as frustrating as it can be, I guess I just consider it an education and I hope that every embroidery project will get easier and easier. I'm sort of addicted and I can't stop even when I want to pull my hair out. There is definitely a learning curve with not only the machine, but the software too. Add to that, trying to get used to a new(er) laptop. So this little pine tree that should have taken about 15 minutes to stitch out took me hours. But I'm too embarrased to say how many.
And the "after" shot. I think it was worth the effort. My husband would say otherwise. Eh. And now it's all mended. Just in time for... Spring?  I guess I should have made November or December the official month for mending.
Now, do I hoard and save it for twenty-five years so my chidren's children can wear it or do I give it to a good home next Fall? *sigh* I love you little coat!
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Rishi said...

I like it. Excellent patch.