Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Doing something I love

Two and a half weeks with our new little baby and my laundry is piled up (both clean and dirty), my dishwasher is on the blink (piling up the dishes too), my house is a mess, and today I’ve got an earache. But I’m sewing. It makes me sane. First, I made a dog for my Josiah.
He said that I never sew any stuffed animals for him and so we did. It was supposed to be a blue dog, but looks more like an elephant-he says.
And although my girl has more than enough clothing that has been given to her, I’m making her a shirt and two pairs of pants. (They've been in the works for months.) Last week I finally got them cut out and now I just have to sew them up. I thought I’d make her something soft and of course she wants something pink, so we are creating with pinks and purples.
To top it all off, I decided it was time to take my machine in for its check up too. So I get to join you Charith and sew on my daughter’s 99 dollar machine. I’m going to stay sane though. This morning I will create something beautiful or at least unique.

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charith said...

I love it! And I love the owl fabric. Way cute.