Thursday, January 13, 2011

In The Works

I'm back. For today anyway... I guess I fell off of the internet for the past month or two. But there's nothing like a good talk with my sister to get me going again. Thanks, Rishi!!  So here's a peek of what's in the works at my house.

The new curtains. Still in surgery.

The old curtain blanket.  I can't even call it a curtain. That's right folks, I've had a blanket hanging in my kids' window for almost two years.

Here's how the "curtain" gets drawn back every day. With an office clip thing-a-ding. We is high class 'round here. 
Oh well, here's to new curtains in the new year. I hope to finish them today. Or this week. Or this month. Ha!

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Rishi said...

I love the old curtain/blanket...But the surgery is interesting too. You'll have to share all your curtain knowledge. I have none and it is an activity I keep meaning to embark on.