Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Bags

Oh, yes....I am crazy. But it sure is fun!
I made bags. 20 for the kids in Goldie's class (again), two for her teachers,
and two for the boys. This time I let the kids use fabric markers to decorate. {Stuart's Design is pictured}
 Josiah's design included his name. I think it's the best part of his bag.
Goldie made sure to get all the pertinent information on hers, that she was five years old, made in 2010, and her name.
The teacher's bags I lined with the red fabric that is also on the handles. We made homemade goodies to give to them with a Christmas ornament Goldie picked out. The Christmas ornament fabric was from scraps I had purchased last year and the red from my stash. We did this project at the beginning of the month and thought you might like to see the results.  -Despite what you may think, believe me. I really am not crazy, I just like to sew a lot!


charith said...

Wow. You're amazing.

Melissa said...

So cute! I know your not crazy. I feel the same way about crocheting.