Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Birthday Presents #2

Next on the roller coaster ride of birthday celebrations was Josiah's day. Three of our family members spent the better part of a Saturday morning locked in a bedroom at Mom-maw's (Grandma for all you westerners) house sewing and creating his present. He was dying to get in and see it.
Inspired by the March/April issue of my 2010 Mothering Magazine we turned this bed sheet into target practice. I had to shorten up the top and bottom after he opened his present, but Goldie and Stuart helped me to make it "artful."
I love that she is learning to spell. When I couldn't figure out why she wrote "two Josiah," she told me she had meant "to Josiah." I think that is classic.
We also made bean bags. Goldie sewed the insides together and after we funneled in the beans I sewed up the outsides. The work paid off. Our birthday boy has been enjoying his new game quite a bit.

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