Monday, December 13, 2010

Birthday Presents #1

Ever since Stuart's first birthday last year, I've tried to make a point of doing some sort of homemade birthday present for our kids on their birthdays. This year it turned out that it was the "sibling presents" that were the homemade ones (of course, there was lots of good help from Mama).
For Stuart's birthday this year we decided upon a gingerbread man theme since his favorite book is that story. I made a pattern and cut out the little man after Goldie chose the fabric (an old coat we had stored for years). Then she picked out the ribbon and sewed him all together.
To finish him off Goldie used fabric markers. I suggested buttons but she wanted the big buttons that you see pictured. Although I wondered about my design capabilities, including a much too small head and way too big neck Stuart loves him. He wouldn't let me photograph him today without him holding his Gingerbread Man. And sometimes when he should be sleeping like last night, I realized that instead he is telling me the story of the little stuffed man that is laying next to him in bed. For our two year old this was the biggest success of his birthday! Way to go big sister.

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