Wednesday, December 1, 2010

baby baby blanket

I made approximately one gazillion baby blankets that all looked like this picture below. Except they were 6 blocks x 8 blocks instead of 3x3. I gave one to every mama I knew that was pregnant. I think I made seven all together. One gazillion may have been an over-exaggeration.
I recently made this mini-blanket so Reid could take it to church or in the car with him. I got tired of hauling that big blanket around. It's the perfect size to throw into the diaper bag. It's funny... I made the original larger blanket for Eli, thinking that he would love it and it would become HIS blanket. But he didn't care two cents about it. Instead he loved another blanket his Aunt Holly gave him. But when Reid was born I gave it a second go and Reid loves it almost too much.
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