Monday, November 1, 2010

24 Bags

Have you ever opened your mouth when you shouldn't? That's what happened to me last week. Mike and I were talking about what we should donate to Goldie's kindergarten class for Halloween and I said, Oh I could make the bags everything would go that would take too long. Well, our daughter overheard and volunteered me to the teacher. The teacher asked and I thought, Okay, this is a challenge.
I didn't spend a penny. First, I used fabric that had been given to me. I spent one Saturday morning cutting. When I realized I didn't have enough 7/8 inch ribbon to make handles, I used 3/8 inch ribbon to make the ones above.
Then I sewed symbols on the fabric and finally put it all together. I was pleased with the result.
I hope the students liked them. I know my children did, and they made excellent trick or treat bags.


charith said...

Holy Bags, Batman!! Amazing! That is some project. It must have taken you forever. I'm way impressed. And they look great too!

Lombardi Update said...

Um, that is totally amazing. I would have gone to the store and asked for plastic bags. You're stinkin amazing.