Sunday, October 31, 2010


Wow! What a week of sewing. It's gonna take two posts to cover it all. First, of course, were the costumes. Josiah's was the first one. After a long debate between Spider man and Batman he settled on this:

I have been into re-purposing lately, so I took an old costume that was given to us (I think it was a Power Ranger Costume) and cut off all the extra stuff, put a pocket on the shoulder, made a belt that has a Velcro closure in the back and cut out an emblem. I zig-zaged the batman and yellow oval onto his costume. Mike, who isn't into re-purposing as much as me bought him a mask and a cape.
We love it and think it is cool that his cousin was a blue batman too!

Goldie has been talking about Word Girl, from PBS, since right after Halloween last year. Of course, I'm always a last minute girl and while we found $8 boots that would match the red outfit in her closet almost a month ago, I didn't get the rest of her clothes finished until about 11pm the night before she was to wear them.
When she woke up Friday morning she jumped out of bed, and ran to see what I'd done...and thankfully she loved it. Using the same yellow fabric that I did for Josiah, I made her a cape that has the same round neck as the cartoon girl, the belt, and star. It was too late at night to figure out how to make a hat, so I purchased one for her and Stuart.
She insisted that the cape had the same symbol on it, and although I had not seen it in any of the pictures I added it for her. She loved it and told me some sweet stuff about my sewing. It sure makes a momma feel good.

Stuart was Goldie's sidekick, Captain Huggie Face (a monkey). His clothing all came from Goldie's stash. For the shirt, I just rolled up the sleeves. For the pants I cut down and added a tail.
To the hat I added an antenna and monkey ears. We were a little worried that he wouldn't care for it, but he ran around all weekend pointing at himself and saying Word Girl. I really think Huggie Face was just too many words for his little mind to say or understand. He got mad a me every time I tried to take off his hat. All in all we had a great time with their costumes.

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charith said...

Love it that we both had a batman! Yours looks like a real tough guy. Fabulous. And your Word Girl costumes look so great too. Captain Huggie Face. What a funny name... Nice work!