Friday, October 15, 2010

Dress Design for Shabby Apple Dresses

I am really digging this Shabby Apple company. As I scrolled through their collection online I kept thinking, 'pretty dresses and pretty cool dresses to boot.' I would not call these "Mom dresses." Although a mom (me!) can wear them.

I personally don't care for skirts and dresses that make me feel matronly. You know what I'm talking about. I've got a few which are sadly hanging in my closet. So when I saw that Shabby Apple was holding their second Dare To Design contest, I thought I'd break out the sketch book. My closet could sure use more fun and maybe a cool, pretty dress could start the party.

First of all, I wanted a dress that I could wear. Comfortably. Something that I could play in (with children) if I wanted to dress it down. Something that I could wear on a date (without children) if I wanted to dress it up. So, yes I did dare to design a dress. And here she is, my dress design for Shabby Apple Dresses. As soon as the Halloween costume demands have been met, I think I'll start sewing up this little number.

  • Peter Pan collar. Love these. They exude youth and playfulness, and what says "Spring" more than youth and playfulness? Well, maybe a row of chicks nestled among the freshly dew'ed crocuses... but I digress.
  • Tucks running down the front. I'm a sucker for tucks. Pin tucks, wide tucks, any tuck will do. Chickies tucked in tulips... Oh, dear.
  • Cap sleeves. Because cap sleeves always make me feel put-together and tailored. Plus, I may be slightly anti puffed sleeves. They were great for Anne (with an e) but not so much for myself.
  • Flared skirt. I sketched this first as a pencil skirt, but it was so business-like. Adding the flares gave it a playful feel, almost flirty. And with the right "swishy" fabric, ooh, this would be a fun dress to walk (and frolic) in.
  • A couple of extra-flared back skirt panels. Because everybody likes to look cute while they're walking away.
  • Zipper down the back. Or maybe down the side. Whatever. But you've got to be able to get in and out of the thing.
  • Fabric ideas... Something that moves (think swishy!) and doesn't show crazy wrinkles. The sketch shows a pale yellow with white polka-dots. But I also love a good earthy green or a deep lilac. I have even envisioned this dress with tiny stripes of yellows, greens and greys. As long as the collar stays crisp and white. If I could find a spring-colored cloche hat, I would make the dress any color it needs to be to match it. Aaah, I was a happy girl when I started seeing 20s fashion making its way into the local shops.

    ps. I love a dress that I don't have to send to the cleaners.
And that's about it! I'm excited to see the designs that make it to the favorite 15. Stay tuned!

**A big thanks to Shauna for all your help! You pretty much rock.**
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Chelsea said...

Awesome Charith, I love it so much. Shauna did a great job two are a powerhouse team!

Chelsea Monet said...

I love this! So cute! It would be fun to find a cute skinny belt to go around the waist. I see a lot of those kinds of belts in stores right now.

Very, very cute dress, Charith!

Rishi said...

It is perfect. I'm excited to see you make it.

Camie at "Home is where they love you" said...


MJW said...

The link to vote is broken. :(

lovely lindsay said...

i love!

Janet said...

Your design is beautiful. As I went through the top 15 contenders your dress was the only one with "back interest." Didn't know anything about you but will now subscribe to your blog.
You've got STYLE, lady!

Melanie said...

I found you from the Shabby Apple blog. This is such a gorgeous dress. You've got incredible taste and style. Definitely my favorite! :)

tharker said...

Voted for you and shared the link on FB! I love this dress so much and can't wait for you to make me one ;)