Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baby Hat & Shoes

I fell in love with this white and charcoal striped sweatshirt fabric several months ago so I bought a few yards. It has these great giant cotton-filled ribs and it's so very soft. On the bolt, it looked to me like it had so much rock-n-roll potential. This is the first thing I made with it. The skull/circle canvas I used on the soles of the shoes is such a great print, too. I’m glad I found a project where I could combine the two fabrics. I only wish I had made these before my babies stopped being babies.

The pattern for these shoes is found on Stardust Shoes’ blog.
(Thank you for providing a really great free pattern for the world, Joanna!)

I embroidered the patches on my Bernina. The hat pattern is from Simplicity 5316.

Rocker to the "Sole"

Stripes this way.

Stripes that way.

 Which way do you prefer your stripes to face?



Happy  incubating & happy pushing, Linsday!
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donna said...

so cute!

Rishi said...

Those are so awesome Charith! Were they hard to make? Did you have to sew at all by hand? they are so tiny, it almost seems you would.

charith said...

Rishi- no hand sewing. I kind of despise hand sewing so I try to avoid it if at all possible. They weren't too hard to make. I think they would have been much harder with my old machine. The layers of fabric gets pretty thick in places and the old machine didn't like that sort of thing.

Donna- thanks!