Monday, September 6, 2010

Baby Stitching

Months ago I went to a local auction and bought twenty dollars worth of fabric. Most of it I dumped into the washer and sorted. I found that I had some great pieces and also this box.
It has lots of previously cut quilting pieces, the square ones I'm still going to quilt one day. However, it also has pieces for a wedding ring quilt. Since I've only ever completed one simple quilt I decided that I wasn't sure I wanted to attempt that just yet. So the pieces have sat in the box for months.
Earlier this summer one of the kids said that they wanted me to make balls, so I said lets do it. I got online for a couple of ideas and then I went for it. We pulled out the wedding ring "footballs" and after cutting strips of fabric we picked out different stitches to decorate each football. The strips gave the stitching more stability. (I suppose I could have used interfacing, but when I have so many scraps they work great.)
Next I stitched the eight pieces together and made balls. Goldie likes helping and she does a great job stuffing all the balls.
Finally I hand stitched them closed and on some of them I sewed fun little circles. The three pictured here I made over the weekend right after I finished the baby blanket also shown here. The kids have had so much fun playing with them I thought I'd make more for a little baby we know. (They are the only balls the kids can throw in the house and they love it!)
I've had fun trying out the different stitches my machine does. For this blanket we chose to edge it with "train tracks." Sometimes my stitching is an attempt to make sure I use more than just the straight stitch on my machine, but most of the time I think it really makes things more pretty and more fun for the recipient.

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charith said...

cool! Do you make your kids wash all the dishes in the cupboards if they throw regular balls in the house? :)