Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back To School Sewing

I have been sewing this month. Really, I have! I've either been sewing so much that I haven't had time to blog about it, or we've been one vacation after another while this blog sits pining away. I'll give you one guess. So we're home again, still recovering from the lazy way we get when we spend almost half the month camping, chilling on the beach, frolicking in the waves, seeing the sights, meeting Mickey & Minnie and hanging with a gazillion cousins! Back to real life.

And back-to-school sewing... or should I say going-to-school-for-the-first-time sewing?
My 5 year-old starts Kindergarten this year and she is so excited! So here are her pink camo pants to help her not get lost in the busy hallways at school. Her first school is way bigger than the High School I went to. It's a little intimidating to me, being the country bumpkin that I am. Anyway, back to sewing...
 She asked me for pink camo pants several months ago and I finally got around to making them.

I used an old pattern that was copywritten in 1967 (S-T-R-E-T-C-H & SEW, pattern no. 925.) The pattern included waist sizes for 21 through 28 1/2. My daughter’s waist is 21 1/2 so I thought I’d be safe using waist 22. Nope. I adjusted the pattern. Again and again. I measured and remeasured and it was still waaay too big on her. I was hoping for more of a skinny pant. I understand that there are differences in the styles of pants and this pattern wasn’t probably intended to be a skinny leg, but the picture on the front sure looked skinny and quite fitted at the hip. (Think bum-tight 1960’s style pants.) Mine ended up being much baggier than I originally wanted. The pants have two front pockets, two back pockets and an elastic waist.
I purposefully made the pants long so I could scrunch up the bottom of the pant leg. That way it will look cute and scrunchy now. And as she grows taller I can just unpick the gathering stitch and extend the pant leg to accomodate whatever growth spurt she may have. I thought I was being a genius but I went to a children’s clothing store yesterday and there was a whole rack of leggings with scrunchy legs exactly like my “unique” idea. How did they steal my idea so quickly? (ha ha)

The real test will be if my little girl wears them or not. It’s always a toss-up with her. (“They never did like Mama’s homemade dress.” -Bob Dylan) My goal is to make clothes that don’t look homemade. This project may need more detailing to rid itself of the homemade look. Maybe some rivets or some shiny something going up the scrunchy part of the leg. A shiny garment is one that she will wear, yet I still try to dress her in camo and skulls & crossbones. We sure have different styles, my 5 year-old and I.

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Rishi said...

So does she like the skulls and crossbones, or you? They are on the shoes. Maybe that's the compromise. I like them. I especially like you unique idea. It works.

I've finally sat down at my machine after a month or so away. Details to come soon!