Monday, August 30, 2010

Back To School Belt

I bought two pair of super cute back-to-school pants/leggings for the five year-old. They both gape open in the back. Ridiculously so. Who do they think wears these pants, little jolly elves with giant pot-bellies? A lot of moms face this problem. The pants are too big for their kids in the waist. And then, "Pants on the ground, Pants on the ground."

Now, I could taper the pants in a couple of places at the waistline. Maybe add a dart or two. But what if she grows a pot-belly? Then I'd have to unpick all those darts! The only solution is a belt. Has anyone else looked for belts for a 21 1/2 inch waist before? I did yesterday. And I found squat. Nothing that my five year-old can manage. You've got to have a belt with a clasp or a buckle that comes undone fast. And I mean, fast. This girl waits til the last second to use the bathroom. She doesn't have time to be fiddling around with a fancy buckle. And I wanted something stretchy for her because stretchy is so much more comfy than not. When you have too many parameters, (like I usually do) it's time to head to the fabric store.

 Silver buckle, pink saddle stitch belting, and 1" knit elastic. Total = $3.41 + tax. Not bad. (I also used two Fabric Markers but I bought them for a different project a couple of months ago so it doesn't count. If it's part of your stash, it just doesn't count.) I would definitely pay $3.41 to buy this belt pre-made.

 Almost done. For the life of me, I don't think I can finish one project without breaking out the seam ripper. If you make a belt like this, remember to make sure you've got both buckles right side up before sewing them in place. It was all for the best, though. Those edges were looking awfully sloppy.

 Finished. She immediately wanted to wear it. Hooray! But I'm not sure that the belt over the shirt is "in or out." Wish I had Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn to guide me. I also added some purply/lavender stripes to the belt. I think it turned out pretty nicely!

 It's such a struggle to see over that little pot-belly.

Side/Back view. Pants not on the ground. Success!


Chelsea Monet said...

....and it is so cute with her Hello Kitty shirt, too! We love Hello Kitty here.

Rishi said...

I really like the belt. I like how you colored it. My question is this: Is it as easy for her to do back up as it is to undo?