Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tis done. Sort of.

 I finished the blue jacket. Almost. I didn't put a button on it yet, but I still wore it to church two Sundays ago. And I didn't iron it before taking this pic so don't look at the wrinkles!

It's an okay jacket. Not as nice a fit as I'd like. You can see that it sticks out a bit at the front waist on either side of the jacket. I don't think the jacket was intended to separate in the front at that angle, but that's the way I wanted it to go. And I guess it's my fault that it sticks out because the pattern said to do this and that and I didn't follow instructions. But really, who wants that type of jacket to just hang straight down? Really.

Anyway, about that non-button. I pinned the jacket closed with a little mosaic classical guitar brooch I found at a local antique store. A very cool brooch that puts very un-cool holes in my clothes.

I have a problem putting buttons on jackets. It's not that buttons are all that tough or whatever, it's that I'm just not sure if I'm ready to commit to the button I bought... and the placement of the button... and whether I should go with one button or two...  I just don't finish jackets, I guess. See below for another case in point.
 I made this jacket when I was pregnant with child #2 and it took me a month of working on it to get it how you see it here. Sans buttons. I even have two gorgeous buttons that I intended on putting on this jacket. Someday. (The buttons cost more than the fabric for this jacket. I think I spent a whole $5 for the fabric and the pattern.) But when I finished it over three years ago (being great with child) I could barely put it on (because I was great with child) let alone get it closed enough to button it up. And now I'm just not sure that it even needs the buttons. Anyway, the moral of the story is... I guess I don't do buttons? At least not in a timely manner. So back to the blue jacket...
 Here's how the back turned out. It looks terrible here because it's so wrinkly. How was I to know what my back looked like? I can't see back there. The iron is my enemy! I kind of despise using it. Not a good characteristic for a seamster, huh? Oh, well. No one's paying me, so I guess I can walk around all wrinkled. Here I am trying to justify my wrinkly-ness because deep down, I just know it's wrong to wear wrinkly clothes. Hang my head in shame.

One thing I'm not a fan of in this jacket is that it gets pulled to the front pretty easily when I'm holding a baby. Not just any baby. My baby. But anyway, when I carry the baby around (when am I not carrying him around?) the jacket gets shifted forward on my shoulders and it makes the neckline too low and distorts the shape of the whole stupid thing. So maybe this isn't a baby-proof jacket. I can wash and dry it (I'll only dry it on accident) but it requires a bit of rearranging quite often so the shoulders don't slide forward. That problem will hopefully go away once the baby is not a permanent fixture in my arms.

There it is. I'm wishing I had had the foresight to add some lining. Since the front pooches out on both sides it would have been fun to see a flash of red or pink or argyle or anything interesting. Maybe in the future I'll learn to wait to put the facing on until after I complete the major adjustments to the pattern. But I doubt it.
 And look what I found at Burlington Coat Factory!! I never thought I'd find fabric there. I was on the lookout for blackout curtains for the baby's room last week. (Mornings have been starting way too early around here now that the sun comes up at, uggh, somewhere around 4:30am, according to the boy. Uggh.) So I was delighted to see these single panels of curtains on clearance near the entrance of the store. The one on the left was $3.88. The one on the right was $1.99, I think. I'm not sure what I'll make out of them yet, but for now they sure are fun for the kids to roll around in. Any votes as to what I should make? I'm thinking maybe a ridiculous pink fur coat for the girl with some full-length gloves out of the lacy fabric. It really is a cool color of pink. A nice old-lady pink. It's got a bit more lavender tones in it than what the picture shows.
And lastly, we got a new something today!! I haven't got it out of the box because I told myself I had to wash the dishes from last night's dinner, vacuum the house, mop the floors, and put up a new post first. Done. I'm not even going to proof-read this thing. I'm off to open my newest sewing toy!

P.S.   I ordered my first Burda magazine this morning! A three month subscription to start off with. I've been following The Selfish Seamstress lately and this morning I read her take on the new previews. I couldn't contain myself any longer. No, it wasn't the clown that got me to order. It was the dress at the bottom of her post. Along with the kids' clothes on Burda's site. I hope to be in pattern heaven soon. Schnell!! Schnell,German Postman! Bring me my Burda!


Chelsea Monet said...


I love having a friend like you who does stuff like this. Do more! Do more! I love it!

brookb said...

I didn't even know that you sew... I think you have a lot of talents I don't know about! The jackets are amazing and I would love to be taught. I noticed your jacket at church the other Sunday and I was going to ask where you got I know!

Rishi said...

I'm excited to see what comes of your pink and white. The jacket looks good. Wear it wrinkly, proudly.