Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

The past couple of years I've made matchy-matchy 4th of July clothes for the kids. Just shorts & capris. But this year I branched out and made a dress for the girl. It was inspired by the Tara Frock by Friday dress featured on Grosgrain's blog.
the front
I bought the fabric for this dress at a local store, Sandy's Fabrics. (I believe it was $8.99/yd and I made this dress out of 2/3 of a yard so I spent less than $7 for the entire dress.) She has a good selection of knits and tons of swimming suit fabric. Plus, Sandy stocks patterns specifically for sewing with knits. Quite a few cool swimming suit patterns that I'd love to try for the girl.

I used a play dress that fits her pretty snuggly as a pattern template. But a good deal was just winging it and hoping I had enough fabric to get the stripes to match at the seams. Hoping only gets you so far though. I actually had to piece together some scraps to get enough for the last skirt panel I cut. But you'd never know unless you really look up close.
I was disappointed in how low the front turned out. I originally wanted her to be able to wear the dress without a shirt underneath. But the girl doesn't seem to mind layering. She even wore her white winter tights with the dress to church this morning. I should probably invest in some sort of summer foot/sock-ish wear for her. Ideas?
I definitely need more practice with knits. Finishing the edges are tricky! I don't like sending my kids (or myself) out the door wearing something that looks home-made. Even worse, something that looks badly home-made. But it doesn't always work out that way. Sloppy finishing happens at 2am. So even though I'm nitpicking the neck line, I still ain't unpicking it!!

the back
Funny shot. Looks like she lost her head.
Once I get the buttons on the boys' shirts, I'll post pics. Cross your fingers so I can actually get them to both wear the shirts at the same time!

Update: Here are the pics of the shirts. I didn't cross my fingers hard enough. It was pretty tough to get a good pic of two little boys when more interesting things are going on. (Like a remote-control jet boat in their grandparents' pool.) Oh, well.

For this top I used Simplicity 8860, an old pajama pattern (printed in 1970). Fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics, purcased at their post-4th of July sale, 2009. I love that the flags are made from baseball bats. The big boy loved the baseball buttons. The little boy could care less. So I used regular buttons on the his shirt rather than baseball buttons. They're cheaper, plus I didn't want him chewing on them and popping them off.

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Rishi said...

I love the buttons, even if number three doesn't. What awesomeness. Knit is tricky, I think I've figured out it can't be tooo stretchy or it won't do anything. I gave up on my last knit project because it was all over the place.