Thursday, June 17, 2010

more about that blue box

To Rishi,
Lately I feel like I've been sittng in the lap of luxury, eating berries & cream for breakfast, for lunch... and for a before-making-dinner-snack.

And I have been winning stuff! I've been following all the great things happening over on Chelsea's blog, Make You Over, and was happy to see that she was giving away a couple of belts. She must have known that I've been wishing for a new belt. I recently browsed through the belt section in a local box store and everything was blah. Or okay with a ridiculous price tag attached. So when Chelsea said she was giving away belts I entered my name and promptly forgot about it. After all, what are the chances?

Apparently my chances were great!! Look what showed up in the mail this week. It's a great little belt. It isn't bulky so it doesn't show a big bump under my shirt like most belts. And it keeps the pants right where they should be. Thanks Chelsea! Thanks Make You Over! Now I just wish I had one in the lacy-clear pattern too...

So after all my gorging on strawberries & cream and lazing-about the last few days, which included a fabulous trip to Spokane, it's time to crack the whip and get this blue jacket done already.

 Give the big kids a sucker and a paintbrush. check. Send the little kid to bed. check.

Butterick B5223. This is what I started with. I was thinking Audrey Hepburn. (This morning I found this great link to a page all about Ms. Hepburn and her lovely style that could take me hours to devour. She's just divine.) I've always been smitten by her. Who isn't smitten by her? But Audrey Hepburn and I don't really have the same body type. Surprise! Which I'm okay with. I'm not obsessed with weight gain/loss. "Are you looking at my gut? Well, I'm working on it." ~Middle Aged Man. I have my little issues with this or that part of my body like everyone, but I try to make the clothes fit me, not make me fit the clothes. So in an effort to eliminate the boxy look that wasn't doing my body any favors, I took the blue jacket to Tuck & Pin City.

Here it is so far. I tucked and pinned the right side and left the other side alone to compare. I'm also thinking about making the front bottom edge rounded rather than square like the pattern calls for. That's why you're seeing a strange bubble at the bottom of the right front.

 Extending the tucks totally changed the shape of this jacket. And although the jacket is no longer the classic Audrey shape I was originally going for, I think the shape created by the tucks works better for my body.
What say you?

I also think the baby with the pink gun works better for my body, too. Best accessory ever.
What say you?

I'm no genius. Yet. I just extended the original tucks in the back so they went down to somewhere near my waist.
This shows up close how I ended the topstitching.

 It ends up giving me just a hint of a "bustle" in the back.

I extended the the original tucks in the front so they went all the way to the hem. Plus, where my hand is in this shot, I'm toying with the idea of adding an additional tuck just long enough to take in this annoying little pucker/bubble I'm getting next to the armhole. That has been a tricky spot for me more than once.

This is a great little foot. It has a guide that helps keep the foot right next to the seam for topstitching. Or it gets you right in the seam so you can stitch in the ditch.
And my sweet machine has a moveable needle. So I stuck the guard in the ditch and then moved the needle over two clicks and voila! I get this nice little straight topstitch that I had never been able to achieve before I met this foot.
The right side all sewed up. Looks much better without the pins! I think that trip to Tuck & Pin City was well worth the time. It slimmed up the right side of the jacket considerably. Since taking this photo I have also extended the tucks and topstitched them on the left side. All that's left is the hem and finishing the sleeves. Still not sure what kind of finishing I want to do. Part of me is wishing I had lined the whole thing. But I wanted it to be as light-weight as possible so I can wear it until Summer makes it too hot to go outside.


Chelsea said...

I'm glad you got the belt and that you like it!!!

Chelsea said...

By the way, I like the improvements to the jacket. Cute!

Rishi said...

Your changes flatter your figure. I like the square corners a lot better. I love your top stitching. Thanks for sharing your secrets. I agree with you when you said Audrey had style, but I also think that she had her own style and you seem to be on the road to capturing yours. Now if I can just take some time to sew something for myself. That is my longest list. It always seems I'm sewing for everybody else.

nattypants said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I would love to accesorize my own wardrobe with a little pink gun as well. Nice Touch.
(Truly it was my favorite pic):-)