Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bag full of Birthday

In the early spring of this year, I made a matching set of these for two of our Virginia cousins' birthdays.
I was going to save the second set for the sister's birthday that occurred this week, but we gave it to them early when she saw how much fun it was to dress up like a superhero / princess.

When we attended the party I decided we'd better show up with some small gift at least. So, without a pattern, I took this:
And created this:
But the best part is that when I started sewing, both Goldie and Josiah wanted to sew too. I assisted them in creating masterpieces which we put inside of the gift bag.
Josiah made a blue puppet. I drew the line on the inside of the fabric for him to follow and sew and then he used fabric markers to decorate it. Goldie wanted a handkerchief and so she sewed it up with a little assistance. They are becoming great little seamsters.

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charith said...

I'm still amazed that your kids are actually sewing. I'm such a chicken. Mostly because I know that once I start letting them sew they're going to want me to get out a machine for them every time I sit down to my machine. And I can bet that it will be a fight between the two big ones as to who's turn it will be. But I ought to at least let them try. I might be pleasantly surprised.

I love that bag you made. It looks so pretty and antique-ish. And Josiah's puppet is cool.